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Jump On Board for the Cross-Country Stronger Together Tour

Coming to a City Near You!

With the approval of the ABA and B&CMA merger by their respective memberships last month, Robb MacKie and Dave Van Laar are on the road to meet with members. They want to hear about your business needs, discuss what keeps you up at night and share how the merger will offer new opportunities to your company. View their “tour” schedule below. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with them – see how below. 

Follow Along as Robb and Dave “Bake” Their Way Across the U.S.
Robb and Dave are mapping their member facility visits from coast to coast for all to see! Check out who they visit and when.
1. Robb and Dave will be tracking their visits using Geospike – click on the link to see their pictures and locations every day all in one place with Geospike –
2. Follow their travels and waypoints on social media.

Who Have Robb and Dave Visited?
Week One
Week Two
Week Three

Robb and Dave Are Looking Forward to:
– Visiting your facility
– Conducting an Executive Briefing for your team
– Hearing from you over dinner

If you would like more information, contact Christina Donnelly or Kathy Kinter Phelps via email.

Schedule of City Visits
April 17-18, Grand Rapids, Michigan complete!
April 19, Kansas City, MO (Join us for a group dinner at 5:30pm in the Plaza Area) complete!
April 20-21, Manhattan, KS complete!
April 24-26, Chicago, IL (Join us for a group dinner at 6pm in Oak Brook) complete!
April 27, Fort Wayne, IN complete!
May 1-2, Dallas, TX and Abilene, TX complete! 
May 8, Cincinnati, OH (Join us for a group dinner at 6pm in Downtown Cincinnati) complete! 
May 9, Versailles, KY complete! 
May 15-17, Washington, DC (Join us for a group dinner at 6pm in Downtown DC) complete! 
July 6-7, Pennsylvania complete! 
July 11-13, Southern California  complete! 
July 24-26, Tennessee complete!
July 27, Virginia complete!
August 8-10, New Jersey