Advanced Training – Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Course (CCMC/Correspondence Course)

Advanced Training – Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Course (CCMC/Correspondence Course):

The advanced training of the Correspondence Course thoroughly educates students in the main principles to an effective manufacturing process. The Course firmly establishes and explains the importance of quality, consistency and continuous improvement as requirements to successfully achieving the final product.

It is the most comprehensive technical training program available to the cookie and cracker industry with a real-world practical application. Students learn how the various parts of the operation interact with each other and the science and theory underpinning the process. Lessons are reinforced by a series of multiple-choice tests and a variety of work projects to choose from, some which can be executed from home.

An invaluable resource that students keep long after completing the Course, the two-volume Second Edition textbooks include a Glossary of Terms, a Conversion Tables section and a summary of the Key Principles at the end of each chapter. The testing component, Workbook, is available online or in hard copy. The Technical Advisor and Student Relations Manager can assist in implementing the program at any facility and will answer any questions students have while completing the two year Course. Throughout the enrollment, the student, supervisor, and company will receive frequent progress reports, and upon successful completion, students receive a Certificate of Graduation.

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  1. Wheat and Wheat Flour

  2. Carbohydrates – Physical and Chemical Properties

  3. Sweetener Manufacturing and Related Compounds

  4. Physical and Chemical Properties of Fats and Oils

  5. Classification of Fats and Related Compounds

  6. Dairy Products and Egg Products

  7. The Leavenings Process

  8. Emulsifiers and Antioxidants

  9. Chocolate and Cocoa

  10. Flavoring and Coloring Materials

  11. Starch, Proteins, Enzymes, Salt, Fruits and Nuts

  12. Ingredient Delivery and Storage

  13. Ingredient Assembly

  14. Mixing

  15. Fermented Dough Products: Soda Crackers

  16. Chemically Leavened Crackers

17. Wire-cut and Deposit Cookies

18. Extruded Cookies

19. Rotary Molder Cookies

20. Cutting Machine Products

21. Baking

22. Post Baking Operations

23. Handling Cookies & Cracker from Cooling Machines to Packaging Machines

24. Sugar Wafers and Ice Cream Cones

25. Marshmallow Products

26. Creme Sandwich Products

27. Enrobed Cookies

28. Packages and Packaging Equipment

29. Machinery Maintenance and Care

30. Sanitation and Safety

31. Quality Management

32. Environmental Management