Entry Level Training Program (ELT)

Entry Level Training Program:

The ELT Program is a web-based course that provides beginner training in English or Spanish to individuals with little to no experience in a bakery environment. The four lessons; Ingredients, Mixing, Forming, and Baking, teach the basic fundamentals that new hires, department transfers and those seeking a refresher will find invaluable as they continue to grow in their positions. Students have access to a Glossary of Terms and can print a Certificate of Completion upon successfully passing a multiple-choice final test each lesson of 100%.

DIGITAL PLANT FACILITY ENROLLMENT FORM (This form is for Plant Administrators, see below, to gain access to our Academy. Students cannot enroll themselves into this program)


ENTRY LEVEL TRAINING LESSON OVERVIEW – Ingredients, Mixing, Forming, Baking


  • Teaches basic fundamentals in four web-based lessons – Ingredients, Mixing, Forming and Baking
  • Each Student has 6 weeks to complete all four lessons
  • Reduces in-plant training time for new hires and new department transfers
  • Excellent resource for cross-training
  • Lessons in English and Spanish
  • Several hours of work applicable information


  • Interactive exercises, videos, and photos
  • An index of terms
  • Multiple-choice tests
  • A tracking mechanism to monitor the progress of employees through the program

Companies will find that the ELT Program reduces in-plant training time and provides needed consistency to the information taught to personnel. It is an excellent resource for cross-training and provides several hours of work applicable information. The program is reinforced with multiple-choice tests, and individuals managing the program have access to a tracking mechanism to monitor student progress.

Before we can begin your company MUST be a current member of ABA and fill out our Plant Facility Enrollment Form (for companies who do NOT have current access to our university). A company with multiple plants MUST submit an enrollment form for each individual plant. While filling out the form you will be asked who you designate to be your Plant Administrator (Person(s) who will be enrolling ELT & ITC students, tracking students, paying invoices, etc..), click here for a definition of role access.

Fill out our registration form, once received, Pippa O’Shea will be in touch with directions & login information so your company can begin it’s path to a better educated & well-informed future!

For more information contact:

Pippa O’Shea
ph: 202-789-0300 x126
*To email any staff member, use this formula: first intial + last name@americanbakers.org. 
(i.e., John Smith = jsmith@americanbakers.org.)