How To Get Started

The Cookie & Cracker Academy (CCA) offers the complete educational pathway for the cookie and cracker professional.

Before we can begin enrolling your employees into our educational programs your company MUST be a current member of ABA and fill out the Plant Facility Enrollment Form below (for companies who do NOT have current access to the Academy. A company with multiple plants MUST submit an enrollment form for each individual plant.

Plant Administrators will be the ones within the company’s plant to enroll students into the ELT & IT Courses. Once the Plant Facility Enrollment Form is submitted we will be in contact with the tools you will need for you to begin enrolling students into this course.

The Academy hosts all of our educational programs through our web-based Learning Management System (LMS). Within the enrollment form, we will ask you to identify person(s) within your company to access the LMS. For more information, visit the LMS Knowledge Center

IMPORTANT: Those who want to register only for the Cookie & Cracker Manufacturers Course will be required to fill out a separate registration form.

Complete the digital enrollment form displayed below for expedited registration
CCA Facility Enrollment Form