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Vander Heide Award

The Vander Heide Award was established in 1940 and is presented every year at the Technical Conference to the Cookie and Cracker Academy’s Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing Course graduate who receives the highest score (or grade point average) for the graduating year. In addition, the Phelps Award is awarded to the graduating student with the second highest grade point average in the course. It was presented for the first time in 2016 at the Technical Conference and was established in honor of the course’s dedicated pioneer of the course – Kathy Kinter Phelps. The awards are typically kept as surprises to the honorees until the unveil at the Technical Conference.

Pictured from left: Stu Vander Heide, Schulze & Burch Biscuit Company; Vander Heide Award Recipient Brittany Tomlin, Snacks Process Engineer, Kellogg Company; Shelley Crawford, Director, Global Snacks Process Engineering (supervisor of Tomlin) Pictured above: 2017 Phelps Award recipient Robert Commandant, Production Supervisor, Weston Foods, Colonial Cookies Division












Previous Vander Heide & Phelps Award recipients:

2017 Vander Heide Award: Brittany Tomlin, Kellogg Company
2017 Phelps Award: Robert Commandant, Weston Foods, Colonial Cookies Division
2016: Benjamin Colon, D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Company
2015: John-Claude Lacroix, D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Company
2014: Martha Hunt, Kellogg Company
2013: Kathleen Clark, ConAgra Foods
2012: Michael J. Downing, Bremner Food Group, Inc.
2011: Maribeth Maligaya, Dare Foods Ltd.
2010: Nicole Schubert, Kraft Foods Inc.
2009: Dawn Mazzaccaro, Kraft Foods Inc.
2008: Christine Leyland, Kraft Canada
2007: Katie Cleary, Kraft Foods, Inc.
2006: Raquel Calil, Kraft Brazil
2005: Allan Orth, Bremner Food Group, LLC
2004: William Bossert, Pepperidge Farm, Inc.
2003: Alfred Grigg, Interbake Foods LLC
2002: Kimberly Chuck, Kraft Foods Inc. (First Edition Winner)
2001: John Woszack, Kraft Canada
2000: Amy E. Marx, Keebler Company
1999: Greg Edwards, Keebler Company
1998: Cindi Pisarzewicz, Oak State Products, Inc.
1997: John M. Comstock, Nabisco Biscuit Company
1996: Sharry Motley, Nabisco Biscuit Company
1995: Carl Rust, Keebler Company
1994: Laura De Suero, Productos Alimenticios Pascual, S.A.
1993: Terry Sparks, Keebler Company
1992: Matthew Smallegange, Dare Foods Limited
1991: Daryl Nisenson, Keebler Company
1990: Michael Healy, Oak State Products, Inc.
1989: Tania G. Watson, Griffins Food Limited
1988: George Robinson, Nabisco, Inc.
1987: David Thompson, Culinar Foods, Inc.
1986: Stephen J. Mays, McKee Baking Company
1985: Dawn Gillerman, Nabisco, Inc.
1984: Dennis Borrall, Interbake Foods
1983: Ronald Tremayne, Sunshine Biscuits Inc.
1982: Timothy Malefyt, Holland American Wafer Company
1981: Carlos Sutton, D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Company
1980: Carlos Reis, Bakers Limited
1979: Perry Thompson, Frito-Lay
1978: Jack Pick, Bakers Limited
1977: Roy E. Schulze, Ralston Purina Company
1976: William “Bill” Walsh, Interbake Foods, Inc.
1975: Irving Manschal, Nabisco, Inc.
1974: Bruce Jahnsen, Nabisco, Inc.
1973: Mary D. Gentry, Lance, Inc.
1972: Sue C. Bailey, Nabisco, Inc.
1971: Gerald K. Smith, Lance, Inc.
1970: John Knowles, Mother’s Cake & Cookie Company
1969: Christopher N. Taylor, Pepperidge Farm, Inc.
1968: Hugh J. Harris, Nabisco, Inc.
1967: John McDaid, Irish Biscuits, Ltd.
1966: Dorothy M. Cooksley, Grandma Cookie Company
1965: W. Gordon Cousins, Southern Biscuit Company
1964: C. Noel Quinn, Irish Biscuits Ltd.
1963: Donald P. Byrnes, Euram Foods, Inc.
1962: Bemie Postma, Keebler Company
1961: Gayle E. Hayes, Burry Biscuit Div. The Quaker Oats Company
1960: Billy D.Walker, National Biscuit Company
1959: J. J. Flynn, National Biscuit Company
1958: Homer E. Massey, Sr., Bremmer Biscuit Company
1957: A.W.Rechten, National Biscuit Company
1956: J.L. Peeler, Jr., Jack’s Cookie Corporation
1955: William R. Cary, Burry Biscuit Corporation
1954: Sally Schmidt, Crescent Mac. & Cracker Company
1953: Camen Renelli, Salemo-Megowen Biscuit Company
1952: John Adrian, Cal-Ray Bakeries, Inc.
1951: Paul Stillitano, Burry Biscuit Corporation
1950: Wolfred Kedderis, Weston Biscuit Corporation
1949: Joseph O. Plaisance, Jack’s Cookie Corporation
1948: Hoyle H. Hicks, Taylor Biscuit Company
1947: Jack S. Larson, Schulze & Burch Biscuit Company
1946: John R. Floyd, Lance, Inc.
1945: Donald F. Pinson, American Bakeries
1944: Wes Owen, Paulin Chambers Company
1943: A J. Albert, Jr., G. J. Hamilton & Sons, Ltd.