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Bakery Employees: Thank You

It’s times like this when people really focus on the basic necessities and essentials such as feeding their family. We’re hearing the stories of distributors in stores, getting product, bakers coming to work every day, some cases leaving their families at home and going th
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Coronavirus Crisis Puts Employee Wellness in Spotlight: ABA Webinar

“Your employees are your most important assets. They are worried. Make sure you are protecting them and sending the right messages.” Find out how here.
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Tips for Bakers Managing COVID-19

Here are some basic tips that bakers should be following in their facilities, many are considered standard operating procedures in most bakeries.
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Baking Industry Rallies in Crisis Response: Special Bake to the Future Podcast Episode

The world changed overnight, and the baking industry mobilized. The coronavirus crisis has placed food suppliers and retailers on the front lines in the battle to meet the basic needs of consumers. The $150 billion-plus baking industry has quickly risen to the challenge by leveraging
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EPA Recognizes 43 ABA Member Facilities as 2019 ENERGY STAR ® Certified Manufacturing Plants

“The baking industry accounts for over one-third of the 2019 ENERGY STAR Certified Plants. ABA is proud of the baking industry’s commitment to their communities and sustainability goals that also help their bottom line.”
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ABA Webinar: COVID-19 Employer Guidance for What’s Next

On April 2, Dr. David Acheson will lead a free webinar that focuses on how employers can manage the "what's next" of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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First Take: $2 Trillion “CARES” Act and What It Means for Bakers

The $2 trillion package is far-reaching in lawmakers’ attempts to mitigate the economic hardship that the coronavirus outbreak has inflicted. The bill includes several provisions for businesses small and large. How could this Act affect your business?
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Managing the New Normal | American Bakers Association

Managing the New Normal

Let’s learn from our past lessons, meter our re-start with a cautious risk stratification plan and keep all safe as we manage the new normal.
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Bakery Sales Jump in first week of COVID19 - American Bakers

COVID-19: Bakery Sales Jump as a Versatile Snack and Meal Solution

Sales in the bakery aisle increased 62.3% over the week ending March 15 and IRI found an increase of 44.3% for combined cookies and crackers.
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